skin care physicians

skin care physicians

22 Jul

Natural Skin Care Treatments For Pregnant Women

Posted in skin care physicians on 22.07.14 by Merlyn

Pregnancy is a beautiful yet challenging time in a woman’s life. For every joyful discovery there is a disappointing development, like skin outbreaks or the shedding of hair.

The modern mother-to-be is lucky however, as manufacturers have begun to acknowledge the special needs of the pregnant body. Indeed, today there are literally hundreds of products on the market that address some of the more common discomforts pregnant women face during their nine month long evolution.

Skincare is one area that manufactures often target, a wise move, since taking care of our body’s largest organ is one of the primary concerns of many women who are on the precipice of becoming a mother.

One of the things you have to watch out for during pregnancy is acne. Acne can be due to several things, but stress is a major contributor. This disease can make you feel very uncomfortable; therefore, it is important that you know how to deal with it. Since stress may cause or worsen acne breakouts, one treatment of choice should focus on reducing stress. Like, for instance, you may want to engage in natural stress-reducing activities such as yoga, breathing exercises, or anything else that enables you to relax.

You may also be worried of stretch marks on the stomach. These usually appear during the latter stage of your pregnancy when your tummy begins to grow.

Other skin problems you are likely to deal with during pregnancy dryness and peeling. It’s good to know that these problems may be resolved by eating right and by using the appropriate skin care products. Remember, though, that you cannot just apply any medication to treat acne or any skin problem for that matter. You see, pregnancy is a very delicate stage for you and your baby; anything you put in your body eventually gets transmitted to your baby, and you know that skin care products that are chemically formulated contain harsh ingredients that can result to birth problems.

When a woman becomes pregnant for the first time, she is literally in awe. After all, she and her significant other have joined together to create a life, and that life – their son or daughter – is now growing within her. Obviously, the woman has to pay attention to her lifestyle, and make all necessary changes in order to protect the baby.

This also becomes an issue with skin care, particularly when it comes to stretch marks. In the last few months of pregnancy, the baby grows rapidly, and the mother’s skin stretches beyond its normal capacity in order to be accommodating. For mothers who did not enact any form of skin care, stretch marks often become the result.

In order to effectively combat stretch marks, right from the beginning of her pregnancy the woman must incorporate cocoa butter into her daily skin care regime. At night (and in the morning too if possible) the expectant mother must gently rub the cocoa butter (which is a lotion that is available in many skin care products) into the skin of her belly. This will nourish the skin, and thus prevent stretch marks.

It is therefore very important that you choose carefully the kinds of skin care products to use. As much as possible, go natural in your choice of creams, lotions and anything else. Natural products do not contain harmful chemicals that can affect your baby, so they are safe to use.

To help you deal with skin care problems during pregnancy, drink lots of water. Drinking water keeps you hydrated and your skin well moisturized so you get to have healthy, beautiful skin all throughout your pregnancy.

To find organic products you can visit a holistic food store in your neighborhood or look online for organic distributors. Always check the ingredients list as well, since some companies can legally use very little chemical free substances in their formulas and still get an organic rating. To be sure, look for the “certified organic” label. This often means it is 100 percent organic and 100 percent all natural.

You and your baby deserve the best start possible when it comes to the mother child relationship. Taking good care of yourself during your pregnancy with rest and proper skin care is one step in the right direction.

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21 Jul

Hunting Down The Best Skin Care Products?

Posted in skin care physicians on 21.07.14 by Merlyn

One component of good health is taking care of our skin as we become older. Young kids can get away with failing to wash their faces for a day, or two. When you are older and go days without washing your face, you can suffer from massive breakouts and embarrassment. For adults, sometimes finding the best skin care products can be difficult for our unique skin type. This can be highly frustrating for many adults. Here are some hints to help you figure out which products will work best with your skin.

The first question to ask is; what is your budget? Don’t get me wrong, beautiful skin has no price tag but, for most of us, cost is a factor. If you are like the majority of us then you won’t be able to work into a salon such as Sephoria and pick anything you want. Sephoria is where the wealthy shop, most of us normal folks don’t believe the prices on some items at our neighborhood stores. Establishing an upfront budget is a must because we now can target the best products in a particular price range when doing our research. Finding good products within any budget is very doable and a lot easier than you think.

Learn what you truly need in your skin care routine. You never know, your skin may do best with a toner and moisturizer in addition to the standard cleanser. Some common reactions include experiencing break-outs when toners are used, or feeling itchy and heavy with a moisturizer. And then there are some who only need to use a cleanser! Unfortunately, so many people require the standard three skin care products and even an extra for problem areas. If you have break-outs, then you can try a quality cleanser plus some spot treatment in the evening.

Lots of people talk to their friends who have similar problems and see what they use on their own skin. Some people are embarrassed to admit when a skin care product fails but the truth is that the failure is usually pretty obvious. If you can consult with other people, you may be able to save money because you won’t have to buy the products just to see how well they work. There are quite a few ways you can use to figure out which product may be best. You can always find people who have no problems with their skin, and they can use almost anything. And then others need more help. Persistence is key, so don’t give up and you’ll soon be an expert on your own skin and you’ll know what to use.

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21 Jul

Natural Breast Enhancement Pills

Posted in skin care physicians on 21.07.14 by Merlyn

For women, the breast enhancement pills are a good and effective alternative so as to improve their features as well as their confidence. Unlike the breast implant surgeries, the use of these pills is completely risk free and can be termed as 100% safe. These pills provide you with painless alternatives so as to increase the bust size and that too at highly affordable prices.

Thus, if you are someone who wants to increase the size of your bust without undergoing any sort of painful surgery then do consider using these pills. Go for the one that contains natural herbs. Some of the best benefits that you would use breast enhancement pills are discussed below:-

It is risk free.
To increase the bust size a woman might undergo an invasive breast implant that can put you in danger. Breast implants can cause infections or they might cause increase in the level of hormones. These surgeries for bust enlargement can deteriorate your overall heath and also well being.
Another method to use for this purpose is the use of supplements. This is a risk free and effective method to increase a woman’s breast.

These pills contain natural ingredients coming from herbal plants that directly affect the body of a woman. These products basically increase the production of various hormones that increase the bust size.

Breast enhancement pills are highly affordable and they are pocket friendly. These pills are no doubt the cheapest solution for women who desire of increasing their bust size that too without burning holes in their pockets.

They are no doubt cheaper, but that does not imply that they are in any way less effective than breast implants. A natural enhancer will stimulate some particular glands that produce certain hormones, which lead to development of breasts. By using these pills, you can easily gain impressive bust size, which you always desire of having. You can also look for pills that contain weight loss ingredients, as they allow you to reach the desired body weight and enlarging your breasts at the same time.

Nowadays, more and more women are considering using efficient and safe breast enlarging supplements and pills are one such option.
Also, it is not at all necessary that you consult your doctor before you resort to intake of these pills. Since they are made naturally, they will surely increase a woman’s bust to the voluptuous size.

These pills allow you to feel confident of your beautiful and bountiful assets. Bigger breasts imply that you will get more attention of the opposite sex and it will help to give you the efforts and place that you desired.

These enhancement pills are manufactured exclusively to give healthful, smoother and firmer breasts which you can exploit fully for the interests. Basically, these pills boost the blood provide to your breasts, thereby growing their size . Now, you need not envy your friends, as you have yourself got fuller and shaped breasts.

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20 Jul

Acnezine Acne Treatment

Posted in skin care physicians on 20.07.14 by Merlyn

What is Acnezine:

Acnezine is a medicine being produced by Ultra Herbal L.L.C. This medicine is being used for the treatment of acne. This medicine has been produced by the company with the mixture of antioxidants and herbs. The antioxidant defuses the cause of toxins, acne-causing bacteria and parasites, due to which it has been termed as the wonder for the treatment of cancer and various untreatable diseases.

Benefits of Acnezine:

A large number of acne goods being produced kills the acne bacteria, whereas, Acnezine deals with the source of acne. By deactivating toxins and poisons it provides the liver maximum chance to work on the hormones to reduce the production of oil in the skin, because with minimum toxins and bacteria less oil is produced resulting in no blocked pores and thus eliminating the pimples.

Since acne is the result of wrong diet and lifestyle, as such best way to get rid of this is by changing the diet and lifestyle which most people are reluctant to do. If so, then the best solution is to ask for Acnezine. Above all, if Acnezine does not act then you can get the refund as per company’s policy.

Acnezine user’s evaluation:

It has been observed that there are numerous numbers of Acnezine users of different class and categories. Each and everyone has there ways and means to comment, some goes in details and some in brief. Here are some examples of views collected:-

• Theoretically, Acnezine should suit everyone and effective with all types of acne but actually it is not so.
• Some people get a good result and are very happy, whereas some don’t. A survey of 102 people reveals as under:-

o 2.7 out of 5 persons say it is effective.
o 2.9 out of 5 persons say it is approvable.
o 2.5 out of 5 persons say it is within their financial limit.

About fifty percent of the people who voted against Acnezine were due to the side effects they had, for example tiredness, dizziness and mild headache. But these complaints turned out to be the hidden plus points. These side effects are general detoxification signs and as mentioned above is precisely how Acnezine functions. Hence, it is obvious that if such side effects are detected then it means that our body is ejecting toxins and that Acnezine is showing its worth.

Acnezine user’s dissatisfaction:

There had been no complaints against acnezine as a product, but people had grievances against the company who produces this. The main complaint against this company is about refund. People face problems in getting their refund because it seems that the company do not want to depart from the money refundable or in other words wants to hold on as long as possible. There policies appears to be of ignorance or to pay no attention to the refund applications with a hope that people will get tired and give up the matter.

Some people say that online refund is impossible, whereas some says that refund request were swiftly handled if you call the corporate office. As such if you want a quick refund then first find out which office has billed you or has got the payment.

To sum up, and going through all the observations as mentioned above, we can say that Acnezine as a simple and effortless solution can be tried as it may be effective or it may not be so. Honestly speaking, Acnezine is one of the best acne healing medicines available in the market because it is harmless for our health in contrast to other acne items.

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19 Jul

Five Murderers Kill Your Eyes

Posted in skin care physicians on 19.07.14 by Merlyn

Anti-aging is an important job for all the people to do during the whole life. The skin around our eyes is the tenderest part of the facial skin. Therefore, it is important for people to protect their eyes and the surrounding skin. Generally speaking, five murderers can kill the human eyes and accelerate the aging.

The first murderer is the dryness. The dryness can disturb the secretion of water and oil and affect the normal metabolism of the skin. If people do not keep the skin wet in time, the pigments can be accumulated on the surface of the skin and the fine lines can be caused. It is necessary for people to make full use of the skin care products for the eyes.

The second murderer is the overnutrition. It is necessary for people to nourish the skin around the eyes. However, the nutritious supplementation should be moderate. The overnutrition can cause the formation of fat granule. Some fat granules can be eliminated by themselves, and some fat granules should be removed by the laser. In order to improve the overnutrition, people should decrease the burdens of the skin.

The third murderer is the inadequate sleep. Nowadays, people have to stay up late to deal with their jobs. The inadequate sleep can easily make the skin become tired. In order to alleviate the fatigue, people can massage the skin correctly. The moderate massage can accelerate the circulation of lymph and improve the absorption of nutrients contained in suitable skin care products.

The fourth murderer is the accumulation of toxins. Drinking and smoking in daily life can seriously hurt the skin. For example, smoking can make the skin cells anoxic and drinking can shrink the blood vessels and cause temporal anoxia and ischemia. The dark pouches and edema can be seriously caused. In order to improve such symptoms, the iced treatment can be made use of to eliminate the edema.

The fifth murderer is the computer radiation. The main reason to cause the fatigue of eyes is the fatigue of eye muscles. Red blood silk and dim eyesight are both the symptoms of the fatigue of eyes. When people use the computers for a long time, the fatigue can be strengthened. It is necessary for people to use the eyes correctly. At the same time, people should maintain the balanced diet. For example, people should increase the intake of the foods containing vitamin A and vitamin B so as to improve the eyes effectively.

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18 Jul

How to remove acne without drugs

Posted in skin care physicians on 18.07.14 by Merlyn

If you have come searching for a solution about how to remove acne, blackheads, acne scars and other related skin conditions, then you are in the correct place and I strongly suggest you keep reading to discover a natural program with a different approach to this aggravating problem.

This acne treatment program is known as Acne No More, and with this program, you will be able to treat your acne holistically and have no more acne forever. The inherent cause of acne is usually a loss of natural balance in your body, and this problem is not managed by other acne remedies such as ointments, antibiotics, and dermatological procedures. The development of acne is usually a manifestation of an internal disorder. As experienced by many people, these creams and drugs can even cause skin dryness, itching, or peeling. This approach of creams and drugs could be damaging your health and not getting rid of acne at the same time.

The program works by looking at an overall approach on how to attack the problem with an organized plan. Acne products that promote acne-free skin within 3 days or less are misguiding you because treating acne for good takes time, with Acne No More, visible results can be seen in a few days but the treatment period lasts for 60 days. You will be able to easily go through the program’s directions and procedures, and follow them consistently. This program will teach you all about acne and your body, and what you need to do to stop the breakouts; it may require a change in lifestyle if this causes internal imbalance in your body. You will be able to use a proven system that actually works and that has been gathered through widespread research and clinical trials. With the treatment of your acne, you will get back your self-confidence and enjoy a healthier life.

A single strategy focusing on one factor causing acne will not be successful in completely getting rid of this condition, that’s why this program utilizes several strategies that will handle all factors ranging from food and nutrition to hormonal balance and acne-clearing regimens and procedures. With this program, you can now look forward to a future with an acne-free skin.

Seriously, do you have the time to experiment with how-to-remove-acne programs and treatments that just don’t work and compromise your health? The Acne No More program also offers free online counseling and support. Only here will you be able to get an acne solution that works and an online support that truly cares in order that you will get that acne-free skin you’ve been wanting for so long.

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17 Jul

Learn How To Get Soft Healthy Skin Naturally

Posted in skin care physicians on 17.07.14 by Merlyn

To have soft healthy skin naturally, you need to eat right, drink plenty of pure water and exercise. You also need to be picky about the cosmetics you use. You will learn more about those things in this article.

The foods that you eat can be bad or good for your skin’s appearance. Let’s look at carbohydrates as an example. There are good carbs and bad carbs.

Complex carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables contain a variety of antioxidants that help prevent and repair free radical damage, a cause of the visible signs of aging. Simple carbohydrates, on the other hand, contribute to inflammation, which plays a role in a number of skin problems, including acne.

The simple carbs include breads, baked goods, pasta and sugar.

Simple carbs are digested very quickly, which causes a spike in blood sugar levels. Not only does that contribute to inflammation, it can cause the formation of AGEs, advanced glycation end-products. Like free radicals, AGEs are a cause of wrinkles.

Drinking plenty of water will help your appearance in several ways. First, being well hydrated keeps your skin’s cells plump. Second, water helps your body with the natural process of toxin removal. But, to have soft healthy skin naturally, you need to make sure your water is purified.

There are hundreds of chemicals in publicly treated water supplies. They are bad for your health and detrimental to your skin’s appearance. A home purifier is the least expensive way to get the highest quality drinking water.

If you live in an area where the water is chlorinated, it is worth your while to invest in a shower head filter to remove the chlorine. Chlorine is a skin irritant that causes dryness and roughness.

Exercising regularly helps people have glowing, soft healthy skin naturally. Perspiration cleans out the pores. The physical activity improves circulation, which gives you a glow and stimulates the production of new cells and fibers.

Final, there is the need to be picky about cosmetics. As you might guess, natural ingredients are the best. Something you might not know is that fragrances in skincare products are irritating, even if they are natural fragrances. An example of a common allergen is Balsam of Peru, a natural ingredient that causes redness, itching and irritation.

Read the warning and ingredients labels carefully. Some ingredients will help you have soft healthy skin naturally. Others will work against you.

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16 Jul

Reshaping Your Body with Liposculpture

Posted in skin care physicians on 16.07.14 by Merlyn

For many women living in California, regular exercise is not enough to get them back into shape. It has been natural for women to look beautiful inside and out. This nature causes them to feel disappointed whenever they feel like they can’t wear their old jeans anymore. This problem has paved way for the development of cosmetic procedures like liposculpture.

Liposculpture is an alternative form of liposuction. It is a technique that uses small suction mechanisms instead of large incisions to remove excess fats in the body. It promises results similar to that of traditional liposuction procedures. Some liposculpture procedures do not require anesthesia, which may be beneficial for many patients as they do not pose health risks, complications and side effects caused by sedation.

The less invasive nature and quick recovery time of liposculpture made the procedure more popular. Because it deals with an outpatient procedure, many patients who endured the procedure can drive themselves home and recover within two to three days. Nevertheless, there are some cases that doctors prescribe medications for their patients to recover in full time.

Many liposuction techniques such as laser liposuction, ultrasound liposuction and water-jet liposuction is also done in liposculpture. Los Angeles cosmetic surgeons explain that these procedures differ by the way they melt down the fats, making it easy for surgeons to suck them out. They also believe that when these procedures are done properly, it can minimize scarring and bleeding.

Like liposuction, there are many areas which can also be treated by liposculpture. Los Angeles cosmetic clinics offer body re-sculpturing in areas such as the neck, thigh, leg, and abdomen. Typically, a large number of women prefer to have their thighs and abdomens treated with liposculpture. On the other hand, men often opt for the procedure to reduce fats in love handles and in the breasts.

The ideal candidates for liposculpture vary from different factors such as age, weight, health condition and diet habits. Nevertheless, liposuction patients might want to consider liposculpture. Los Angeles cosmetic experts believe that the two procedures only differ from the methods used, but they produce the same results.

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15 Jul

Skin Care For Women Over 50

Posted in skin care physicians on 15.07.14 by Merlyn

There was a time when for women over 50, it meant end of beauty and best days! They stoically embraced the great signs of aging like wrinkles, sagging skin and dryness. But with advancement of science is every field, and also rediscovering the ancient wisdoms of our grandmothers, today there are both natural and medical ways of preventing the skin from turning our worst enemy once we turn 50. Skin care has become easier that before; but it is only effective when done with utmost care and regularity.

When you reach the age of 50, you have to take care of skin in two ways; first you have to prevent further damages or limit the damages due to aging, and also turn some if not all the damages that already has happened. At this age our skin loses elasticity and moisture in a much greater speed and cell turnover also slows down. That is why women over 50 need products that are very proactive in working so that the skin gets adequate protection from sun, moisture is retained and skin regeneration gets a boost. With regular use of such products, you will see great improvement when it comes to wrinkles and fine lines.

The few things you will need for maintaining a skin care regime for women over 50 include facial cleanser, a moisturizer for the day with SPF and a moisturizer for night. You will also need a washcloth while cleaning and washing your face.

Use a gentle cleanser that has non-soap formula to clean your face two times a day, once in the morning and once in night. It is better if you go for cleansers that are specifically created for aging, mature skin like yours as they have most amount of moisturizer. Take about a dime-size cleanser in your hand and massage it slowly to your skin. Now wet a washcloth with tepid water and wash off the cleanser by rubbing with the washcloth. Use circular motion while doing that. When you wash off in such a manner, your face not only gets cleaned, it also gets exfoliated.

Remember that the sun is your worst enemy all the more as your natural protection system is now slowing down. So avoid direct sunlight as much as possible as it can also lead to skin cancer and faster aging.

After cleaning your face in the morning, use a serum or rich emollient cream to moisturize your skin. Look for those products that come with antioxidants like Vitamin C or peptides and protect your skin from both UVB and UVA rays. Such moisturizer for women over 50 generally come with SPF 15 or 30. Make sure you apply it to your face when it is still damp from cleansing; as wet skin react better with such anti-aging products.

At night, the moisturizer to use after your clean your face should be some thick cream that has retinoids like Retin-A or retinol. Retinoid have a tendency to become extra-sensitive to sun and hence you should use retinoid based products at night for maximum benefit. Just rub it gently to your face and let it work through for the rest of the night.

Women over 50 should make sure that they visit their dermatologist on regular basis. There are many health problems related to your skin that may come up at this age; and you need to protect yourself from them as well as along with protection from the signs of aging.

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14 Jul

How to Get Lighter Skin the Natural Way

Posted in skin care physicians on 14.07.14 by Merlyn

How to get lighter skin the organic way is one of the options available to those who want brighter skin. With the desire of flawless white skin high in the minds of consumers, a lot of folks are asking queries on how to get lighter skin.

There are many articles on getting lighter skin that can be seen on magazines, newspapers and even on the internet. And these posts are on numerous topics like how do black people get brighter skin, the immediate way of acquiring lighter skin and the natural way of getting lighter skin. Sad to say, not all content articles are giving much info on how to have brighter skin. Instead, they are more of a promotional advertisement.

With all things said, let me give you a risk-free skin lightening process that will not only give you fairer skin, but save you money as well.

How To Get Brighter Skin using pure ingredients

Skin bleaching elements such as vitamins and vital oil can be found on orange peel. To use, grind dried orange peel to make a powder. A mixer or food processor can be use.

Form a paste by mixing the powder with more than enough milk. Afterwards, apply it on your face and leave it to dry. Then, using a lukewarm water, rinse your face until no paste is left in your face.

The use of potatoes is also a fantastic way of obtaining brighter skin because potatoes have natural lightening agents. Extract the juice of the potato and then apply it on your skin on a regular basis. This will reduce pigmentation.

• You can also take a number of almonds and immerse them in water overnight. Peel the almonds, and make them into a thick paste with a little honey. Apply this to your skin, allow drying and then rinsing. The almond masque whitens skin and gives your tone a younger looking glow.

Lemon juice also contains acid that can be use in to lighten the skin. You can either use the lemon juice or a slice of the lemon itself on your skin and leave it for 5 minutes before washing. This is the most affordable natural method of whitening the skin.

You can also lighten your skin by utilizing exfoliation creams which are obtainable worldwide. If you like also, you can create a cream on your own.

An oatmeal can be used in order to make a exfoliation cream. Just blend a teaspoon of brown sugar to it. Then add milk so that a paste can be created. Aside from being an efficient remedy, it also smells great. In addition, drinking lots of water can help whiten the skin since 1 cause of skin discoloration is deficiency of water.

The most important thing on how to get a brighter skin is prevention. It’s not enough to keep making use of these products. Taking care of your own self is also important. Using a good sun block while you go outside the house is necessary in order to guard your skin from the suns damaging rays. You must reapply sunscreen every 30 minutes when staying out in the open. You should also drink lots of water in order to moisten your skin. This also gets rid of out the toxins that are in your body.

These hints on how to acquire brighter skin are very easy to do in the comfort of your own home. Executing these procedures would ensure lighter healthier skin.

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