skin care physicians

skin care physicians

04 Sep

Urticaria – What You Need to Know About This Condition

Posted in skin care physicians on 04.09.15 by Merlyn

Urticaria is a condition of the skin that is primarily characterized by itchiness, swelling, and occasional bumps. More commonly referred to as hives by dermatologists, it is largely an allergic reaction to different weather phenomena, medications, insect bites and allergens.

Based on this alone you must appreciate the fact that anyone can experience hives at least once in their lifetime. Dermatologists around the world have dedicated much of their time in unearthing the root causes of this allergic reaction. Continue reading to learn a bit more about hives as a skin condition and how best to avoid being traumatized by it.

With the increased number of cosmetics, dyes and perfumes on the market, it is pretty hard not to experience hives. It is important to take note of the specific areas of your body that are affected by hives. Normally a skin reaction around the neck is a good indication that a perfume you are using may have caused your condition.

However, it is a different case when it comes to skin lotions. If your Urticaria has emerged in parts of your body where you generally apply large amounts of skin lotion then this could be a good indication that a lotion has caused the outbreak. In general, you ought to be observant whenever you start using any new cosmetics.

There are certain food types that are known for triggering hives. Foods that are more than likely to bring about hives are: wheat, milk, soy, eggs, nuts, fish and tomatoes. But when it comes to the frequency of outbreaks it has been carefully noted that fresh vegetables – raw and unprepared – are more likely to cause this condition than cooked food.

Make sure you remember what you ate before the hives emerged since a reaction to a food allergen can materialize a few hours after ingesting whatever it is that has caused the skin reaction. However, you can detect these food allergen by stopping your consumption of some of the listed allergens until your reactions stop.

Medications can also be at the very root of your condition. More often than not pain killers, antibiotics, diuretics, vitamin supplements and sedatives have been noted as number one trigger factors when it comes to prolonged outbreaks. Make sure you visit a dermatologist with a long list of the different medications you have been prescribed since your skin started developing the inflammations and bumps. This way they will be in a better position to diagnose your condition as being brought about by a prescription to certain medications known to cause this condition.

Apart from the aforementioned, certain environmental allergens like dust, pollen, and plants like poison ivy can also cause Urticaria.

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02 Sep

Appropriate Way of How to Get Rid of a Pimple on Your Nose

Posted in skin care physicians on 02.09.15 by Merlyn

Pimples might be something small. But for some reasons, it could give us some serious problems. Some of us, especially ladies might be frustrated with their pimples especially some pimples on the face. It might give them some serious problems especially that relate with their self confidence. Having some pimples would impact and bring their self confidence to the lowest point. It is medically a simple skin problem which actually can be prevented or even cured in simple procedures. Somehow, it might also only cause by some hormonal problems or some habit.

Lack of cleanse of the face’s skin would be the perfect condition that might stimulate the pimples. Well, even though many of us have already realized that actually the pimples are simple things that might only need to be treated with the simple treatments, many of us might get panic when they had to deal with the pimples. Some of them might not clearly understand how to deal with it. If you were one of them, you should know “>how to get rid of a pimple on your nose, your cheek and all parts of the face. So, when its appear there, you wouldn’t need to be panic.

Sometimes, some of us have some problems with some pimples that located on the nose. Considering that those pimples are on the face, some of us might need some solutions to get rid the pimples without leaving some scars or marks. So, the question is; “>how to get rid of nose pimples perfectly? If you searched about the fastest and easier way of how to get rid of a pimple on your nose, well you have to know that there is no such solution available. The simplest solution is to steam your face to let the spore open, cleanse them, and rinse it with cold water to close the pores.

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02 Sep

Amazing tips for natural Skin Care!

Posted in skin care physicians on 02.09.15 by Merlyn

A beautiful, flawless and glowing skin is the hallmark of a truly gorgeous woman but not many of us are blessed with such luck. It isn’t very easy but not that difficult as well to possess a good-looking skin.

There are certain skin problems that require medical attention and proper treatment. These issues can be usually taken care of by a good dermatologist. However, a basic skin care routine is a must for all to keep all those minor problems at bay. Here are some useful tips that can be easily followed and will help you attain that beautiful skin you have always desired.

The most essential part of skin care is to follow a daily regime of cleaning, moisturizing and toning, both in morning and at night. But at first you must identify your skin type – is it dry, oily, normal or combination skin? You should purchase the products depending only on your skin type. Like, those having an oily skin should not use rich or greasy creams and must opt for a gentle moisturizer. Exfoliation is also a major aspect of skin care that must be done on a weekly basis. It removes dead skin, blackheads and whiteheads and keeps the skin perfectly clean. You can go for readymade or homemade scrubs or a session of chemical peels at a good skin clinic. Never ever leave your home without sunscreen on your face. Sun’s harmful rays can do a lot of damage to your skin in the form of sunspots, pigmentation and wrinkles. The skin care line of the international cosmetics brand AHAVA has recently become more and more Dutch pharmacies available. Vichy Normaderm is suitable for large pores, impurities, shiny areas and small pimples.

Pamper your skin on a regular basis with oil massages, facials and natural face packs using products from your own kitchen. Never forget to remove your make-up before you go to bed else it will clog the pores with impurities. It is important to drink plenty of fluids, at least 10 to 12 glasses of water daily is the thumb rule. This keeps the skin moisturized, fresh and helps prevent wrinkles. Diet too plays an extremely important role, as the skin also needs nourishment. You must eat lots of fresh fruits, green vegetables, grains, cereals and proteins for an acne free skin. Never underestimate the significance of an exercise regimen in your lifestyle. Yoga, brisk walks or a workout at the gym will do wonders for the skin. All the sweating opens up the pores and lets the skin breathe. Finally, properly manage your stress levels and always stay happy for a lovely skin.

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02 Sep

The Causes of Stretch Marks in Pregnancy and How to Avoid Them

Posted in skin care physicians on 02.09.15 by Merlyn

Being pregnant is a joyful but physically-trying period. You are excited to have your baby, so you are willing to suffer all the discomforts that go with it. One of the things that you have to endure is the stretch mark during pregnancy. This can multiply and become numerous, causing an unsightly mark on your skin. The following can cause these ugly marks:

Distension of skin

When your skin stretches and then shrinks, stretch marks appear because the skin was not elastic enough to endure the stretch and shrinkage. If the skin is elastic enough, the distension will not cause any marks.

Lack of skin elasticity due to improper nutrition

Since the food you ingest supplies both you and the baby, you may not be eating enough to provide essential vitamins and nutrients. Your skin now suffers from the lack of needed substances like fatty acids, zinc, selenium, and vitamins A, C and E. All of these are requirements for healthy skin.

Rapid weight increase

When your weight increases rapidly, the tendency is for your skin to be distended and this will form more stretch marks. When the skin returns to its original size, the stretch marks in pregnancy are more pronounced. The skin usually does not recover to get back its original smoothness.

Lack of normal hydration

Your dry skin may have resulted from lack of hydration or water. This makes the skin dry and hard to distend. This is why drinking lots of water during pregnancy is essential to good healthy skin. You may want to use creams to maintain the moisture and smoothness of your skin. Drinking lots of water can help moisturize the skin and prevent these marks.

These are the reasons why women acquire stretch marks in pregnancy. If you want to avoid these ugly blemishes in your skin, then remember the pointers mentioned above.

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01 Sep

Finding The Right Treatment For Scars

Posted in skin care physicians on 01.09.15 by Merlyn

Treatment for scars can often be frustrating. With so many products promising to magically fade scars it can be confusing and also expensive. Many people purchase these miracle lotions and creams hoping to have finally found their answer. Sadly many, if not most come to find that these lotions do not do what they promise.

So What Is The Best Treatment For Scars?

Treating acne scars can be quite taxing for people who don’t know where to start. One simple but indirect way of healing your scars is a clean diet. Having a clean diet provides the nutrients needed to boost the health of your skin. When you have healthy skin, your body is able to heal faster which leads to healing your acne scars. If your diet is not as clean as you would want it to be, make sure to take vitamin supplements. These supplements will give your body the nutrients it needs when your diet can’t.

Another way to treat scars is to make sure not to damage them any further. When going out, always make sure to apply sunscreen that contains a SPF of at least 35 and one that also protects against UVA and UVB rays. The sun’s rays can deteriorate the skin by breaking down the collagen and elastin. By wearing sunscreen you are able to prevent any more damage or discoloration to the scar area.

If you have acne scars that are darker than the rest of your face, look for a lotion that has fading properties. Often reputable skin care lines have whitening or fading products that, with proper use can slowly blend the scars with the rest of your skin. Remember to be diligent and disciplined when applying these creams. It can be difficult especially when one wants instant results; however, the skin needs time to fully heal.

Treatment for scars can be a simple routine if you find the right one that suits your needs. By protecting your skin and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, the process of healing your scars will begin to take place. Keep up your routine and in due time your acne scars will fade.

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31 Aug

Do You Know The Best Face Lotion To Reduce Age Spots?

Posted in skin care physicians on 31.08.15 by Merlyn

At some point in each of our lives, we are in all likelihood going to have to look for an effective face lotion to reduce age spots.

These marks have nothing to do really with the fact that you are getting older, but are the result of all of the years you spent having fun in the sun.

The only relation that these marks have with age is that they typically don’t appear until we are well into our forties.

Some of us do experience the development of random melanin hyperpigmentation earlier then others, and how early these spots show up depends on how much damage your skin has endured.

Melanin hyperpigmentation is what causes our skin to uniformly darken when exposed to the sun for an extended period of time. Tanning is a defensive mechanism meant to protect us from the negative effects of UV radiation.

It doesn’t really matter whether you need a face lotion reduce age spots sooner due to the abuse you put your skin through, or later due to the care you took to avoid the negative effects of the sun.

You want something that is effective in reducing the melanin hyperpigmentation that is affecting your appearance. Above all, you want something you can use that will not cause you harm.

The reason that I feel the need to mention the need for a safe product is because there are many formulas intended for reducing the appearance of melanin hyperpigmentation that are potentially dangerous.

The last thing you want in your pursuit of healthy, unmarked skin is a product that features ingredients proven to be toxic or carcinogenic.

This is exactly what you are getting if you buy the wrong product though.

A lot of the face lotion to reduce age spots contains toxic mercury as a skin whitening agent, in the form of either mercury (II) chloride or ammoniated mercury.

Another widely popular melanin reducer is the benzene containing phenol known as hydroquinone. Studies have linked this phenol to endocrine system disruption, and to the development of leukemia.

These are obviously not the kinds of ingredients you want to be putting on your skin, and thankfully there are healthier options available.

A compound called Extrapone nutgrass root extract is a completely safe and highly effective melanin reducer.

This natural component is capable of reducing your melanin by as much as 41 percent, guaranteeing you skin free of melanin related discoloration.

The best face lotion reduce age spots contains a combination of Extrapone extract, the protein complex and enzyme fusion Cynergy TK, Nano-lipobelle H-EQ10 molecularly reduced form of CoQ10, Phytessence Wakame kelp extract, and grape seed oil.

These last four ingredients increase collagen and elastin production, and significantly slow the breakdown of the firming tissues and polymers in your skin.

This combination gives you a face lotion to reduce age spots effectively, that also improves skin smoothness, firmness, and elasticity.

A complete formula such as this will benefit you like no other product available.

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31 Aug

Sore Penis – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Posted in skin care physicians on 31.08.15 by Merlyn

Causes – A sore penis may be caused by a number of things that are relatively simple, such as aggressive sexual activity during masturbation or intercourse. Other causes of a sore penis can vary depending on the depth of pain that you are experiencing. The first question that you need to ask yourself should be, “Is my penis sore or painful on the inside or the outside, or both?”

If you are experiencing external pain then you may have any one of a number of conditions, such as a yeast infection, a sexually transmitted disease, psoriasis, balanitis, or a simple skin condition, just to name a few. However, if you are experiencing internal pain with your sore penis, then you may have a urinary tract infection, a fractured penis, a scrotal infection that has spread to your penis, or a penile ulcer.

In fact, medical practitioners suggest that there are more then 50 causes of a sore penis that range from mild to severe. Therefore, it is important that you seek medical advice if your penis hurts for any longer than a day or two. Most sore penis complaints due to aggressive sex and simple bruising should disappear, or show signs of improvement after this time.

Symptoms of a sore penis that do not disappear or improve after two days vary depending on the cause. Most external conditions will present with red, flaky, and irritated skin, possible skin cracking, ulceration, or bruising. Whereas, most internal conditions of a sore penis will present with symptoms such as, pain and an inability for the penis to function correctly, which may mean that urinating, sexual activity, or the appearance of the penis is impaired. For example – If you fracture your penis you will hear a popping sound, which will be immediately followed with pain ( If you believe you have fractured your penis it is vital that you seek immediate medical attention ).

Treatment for a sore penis depends on the type of condition that you have. Treatments can vary from using a penis specific crème, a medication, or having possible surgery. Therefore if you have a sore penis with persisting symptoms it is important that you seek medical advice, so that you condition can be diagnosed.

Health practitioners often recommend a penis health crème that helps many men suffering from penis skin issues including a bruised penis. A quality penis health crème ( “Man 1 Man Oil” is recommended ) should contain penis specific vitamins and minerals plus select moisturizers, anti-bacterial properties and vitamin e to maintain healthy penis skin and treat penis skin issues.

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31 Aug

Hydroxatone Cream Unlimited Benefits And Safe To Use

Posted in skin care physicians on 31.08.15 by Merlyn

Hydroxatone cream is breaking all records of popularity in the skin care market as more and more women are scanning reviews, watching videos, and listening to radio ads in an attempt to know more about this anti wrinkle cream. It is difficult to point your finger on one particular reason for its immense and growing popularity, but going by the reviews, the magic seems to come through its unique combination of ingredients.

Wrinkles are signs of a skin that is aging, dry, rough, and devoid of the necessary nutrients. It is a common occurrence in all aging men and women. Collagen is the main component in the skin that keeps the skin supple and smooth. Its concentration decreases gradually in aging skin because its production diminishes, resulting in loose, sagging skin that looks dry and dull.

Hydroxatone cream contains ingredients that are clinically proven to deliver real and visible results in preventing and eliminating wrinkles and fine lines. Hydroxatone is the result of many years of research and has been developed to provide relief from wrinkles and dry skin to the aging American generation.

Every single anti wrinkle facial cream available on the market claims to provide the ultimate solution in dealing with the problem of fine lines, Dark Age spots, and facial wrinkles. But Hydroxatone differs from the rest because the efficacy of the product has been documented in many ways.

Hydroxatone cream contains ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000, Hyaluronic Acid, and Argireline, all powerful antiaging agents that are guaranteed to improve the appearance of the skin and also delay the aging process. Matrixyl 3000 encourages the production of collagen, leading to better moisturization of the skin. Hyaluronic Acid also has great hydrating properties and has excellent skin restorative action. Argireline inhibits the neurotransmitters to prevent the facial muscles from contracting and causing wrinkles.

Hydroxatone has established itself as the best anti wrinkle cream available for the aging American demographic because it shows positive results in all reports, surveys, and tests conducted independently and through manufacturers.

Women, in their desperation to get rid of their facial wrinkles and fine lines, often use medically invasive procedures that are painful and expensive. Plastic surgery offers dramatic and visible results, but it is not entirely safe. They use muscle relaxants that are said to give a face a wooden expression.

Hydroxatone cream is a safe, cost-effective, and guaranteed solution to help you get rid of your facial wrinkles within a short time of regular use. They contain antioxidants and a sun protection ingredient that works not only in eliminating existing wrinkles but also in preventing formation of new ones.

Surveys indicate that more than 90 percent of participants felt visible difference in the facial skin condition after they used Hydroxatone. Their improved conditions were also noticed by family and friends.

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Hydroxatone Cream has emerged the clear winner and is miles ahead of the others in the skin care segment. With its high levels of efficacy and excellent safety record, Hydroxatone is undoubtedly the best anti wrinkle facial cream.

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30 Aug

Health, Beauty, and Skin Rejuvenation Using Anti-Aging Lasers

Posted in skin care physicians on 30.08.15 by Merlyn

As we age everyone wants to maintain the appearance of their skin and hair, or at least they hope they can. We would like to have more hair on our heads than on our bodies. Waxing and electrolysis are temporary and painful. Modern technology has taken a leap forward to offer a painless solution to remove unwanted body hair. That solution is laser hair removal therapy.

For years electrolysis was that main treatment to take away body hair from the lip, legs, back, and thighs but the treatments had to be repeated regularly because the hair follicles were still alive and the hair grew back gradually. The procedure has side effects, is painful, and time-consuming. The cost of electrolysis is higher than laser treatments by a significant amount. Laser hair removal is a method that requires only a session or two because the laser pulses destroy the hair follicles. There is none of the pain and skin damage of electrolysis or ripping the hair out by the roots in a waxing treatment. With laser hair removal therapy the laser hair removal cost is less, the skin remains smooth, the side-effects are absent, and there is no pain involved as one might find with other methods.

A woman with unwanted hair on her upper lip or chin can beautify herself significantly by ridding herself of the problem quickly and painlessly. Mother Nature has seen fit to afflict some men by giving them generous back hair or too much chest and stomach hair. For both genders hair on the posterior is aesthetically displeasing and this situation can be handled (so to speak) with efficiency when the laser pulses take the unwelcome fur away.

Vanity is a business and the focus on beauty in society means that customers will be lined up indefinitely for any product or service that can give them the edge in good looks. People are usually judged on first impressions and looking good at all times is nearly impossible for most of us. A man with hair all over his shoulders and back may not want to take off his clothes out of embarrassment and things like this leave a person isolated and shy so every avenue of opportunity for a quick fix should be examined and his self-image can be improved.

Bikini lines are much more comfortable without the stubble of razor shaving. As the result of laser hair removal almost everyone can control their hair growth with the possible exception of the bothersome hair that grows out of the ears as we get older. Chest hair on men is generally considered not as attractive as it used to be. In the twenty-first century there is a shift away from hairiness as a barometer of masculinity, except in the gay community.

Perhaps the greatest attraction of this method of removing hair is to women who wage the endless war with leg hair. The routine of shaving is bothersome so a trip to the laser hair removal clinic will ensure smooth, more attractive legs for the man with the back hair to admire. Perhaps they will meet and fall in love in the waiting room.

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28 Aug

The Best Way to Combat the Appearance of Oily Face Syndrome

Posted in skin care physicians on 28.08.15 by Merlyn

If you’re like the rest of the population, you get really annoyed by oily buildup because it ruins the work you do to look good every morning. Glancing in the mirror is usually sufficient to confirm your fears. It is easy to understand this feeling because everyone experiences it from time to time. You’ve most likely tested different products on this, including products that are supposed to affect the level of oil production you have on your face.

If you don’t take the time to make sure you’re doing the right thing you could exacerbate the problem for yourself. The best weapon for oily sheen is to learn everything you can about what causes it and how to treat it. This is why we are here: to give you some great skin care ideas that will help you keep the oily look off of your face.

You can get rid of your oily skin shine problems even while wearing makeup! The key is matching your skin type to your skin care products. You want to choose products that are water based not oil based. Water is a natural astringent and won’t exacerbate your excessive oil problem. Where do you live? But if you live where you have warm to hot summers, and especially hot and humid, then just try avoiding the amount of make-up you would normally wear during the cooler and cold months. You can still look fantastic with just some moisturizer and blusher–as desired or needed.

You should only buy skin cleansers that are created for those who have your skin type. Always avoid cleansers that are harsh or considered “industrial strength” because they are usually made with more chemicals than you’d find in most medicine cabinets. When you wash your face, remember you’re not washing your clothes or scrubbing the floor.

What we mean is that it isn’t necessary to scrub and scrub to remove the oil–even if part of you thinks that it is a good idea. Doing this is a mistake because you will only dry things out and damage your top layer of skin. After you’ve done that, your body will sense the damage and guess what it will do? Your oil glands switch into high gear and pour as much oil as they can produce onto your face.

If you are a fan of (or don’t mind) wearing foundation, choose a healthy foundation so that you can keep shine from happening. Foundation can also be used to protect your skin against the effects of the rest of your makeup. During the day you can apply dabs of it as it is needed in the places where oily shine is most likely to happen. When you begin learning about the best methods for fighting oily skin, it’s likely that you will be surprised by how easy it is supposed to be. An important part of your overall strategy is to know your skin as much as possible – know what type of skin you have. Knowing your skin type is important because it is what will tell you just how best to fight your skin issues.

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